Explore Marin!

Here you will find  featured hikes  and bike rides in Marin County.  If you know of a great hike or bike ride you’d like to share with everyone please let us know.

A hike that I discovered a couple of years ago that is beautiful, is one that goes along the coast out at Muir Beach.  This hike is very hilly  throughout and works your abs but is worth the burn because of the views of the coast.  Start in the parking lot of Muir Beach.  Facing the beach head left/south and cross the bridge.  After you cross the bridge turn to your left and follow the coastal trail as it steeply goes up  and up.  When you  finally get to the top of the first ridge take the trail that says Pirates Cove.  Follow this trail as it hugs the lovely coast of Marin.  At one point you will have to hike up some steep stairs but when you finally get to the top of that the worst will be over.  Your abs may be hurting but it will be well worth it.  When you get to the top of that ridge sit down and enjoy the views of the coast by having a healthy snack. From there you’ll take the coastal fire trail that goes up and will loop you  back around to Muir Beach.  The second half of the hike is inland but still lovely.  If you so desired you could also continue on down to Tennessee Valley to hang out at the beach there.  Total miles is around 5

If you have kids or want to do an easier hike that is also along the coast take the oldie but goodie hike out at Tennessee Valley in Mill Valley. The trail out there is a straight shot out to a small beach.  You can also head up on a couple different ridge trails that are on the right of the  mostly flat Tennessee Valley Trail.  great for Mt bikes and strollers.


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