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Delivery service for San Rafael

Hi all,  If you live in downtown San Rafael, Dominican area I will be starting an organic juice and smoothie delivery service.  I will delivery daily to your house or work a fresh organic juice.  You will also be able to order other items such as kambucha, coconut water, orange juice or smoothies.  The minimum order will be  1 weeks worth of a daily organic juice.  The cost will be $5.50 for a 12oz juice plus a $2.00 daily delivery fee. No matter how many extra items you order the daily delivery fee is still $2.00.  Using local organic ingredients that are in season from the farmers market I will make a different nutritional juice for you to enjoy. There will also be a refundable glass jar fee but I’m still figuring out how I will charge for this.  More info about this will be available in the coming days.  If your interested in signing up for juice delivery please let me know.  I will start  to do deliveries at the beginning of August maybe earlier.  The juices will be delivered in the morning.  P.S. I’m also working on a phone app so you can see what kinds of juices and smoothies I will have available at your finger tips.  Cheers


Donation site

So for anyone checking out my website for the first time welcome.  I have to admit it’s a work in progress as I’m not tech savy.  Below  is a link to a donation website I set up to raise money so I could start an organic juice bar.  Perhaps you just read one of my donation letters that I stuck in your mailbox or on your car.  Thanks for popping by and hope to see you soon at nearby location.      Ciao Liliana

Wheatgrass Farm

Hello all so I just found a great organic wheatgrass farm from Northern CA that delivers flats of wheatgrass.  I tried growing it myself but wasn’t having much luck.  I will let the pros do it.  I’m excited to start drinking it again.  I was able to juice a couple times but the amount of grass I had to use to get an ounce of juice was a lot.  The mold I had stifled the growth.    This is the link to the farmers up in Middletown.


Portland, OR concession trailer company

Portland, OR concession trailer company

Check out the photos of what my concession trailer would look like more or less.  Mine will be white and 8X10


Donate a $1.00 to help me start my concession trailer business

Hello all,  Please help me make my business dreams a reality.   I need to raise $10,000 to buy a brand new 8 X 10 concession trailer and then $5,000 to pay for health fees and misc equipment.  Your $1.00 donation will help me get a little bit closer to my dream of selling healthy organic juices and smoothies.  I’m a local native of Marin and a recent graduate of Women’s Initiative a Bay Area non profit that helps women start business’s.  See the Link on the side to learn more. You can donate today by going to my fund raising site on  I’m also on FB at La Dolce Vita Organic Juice Bar. If you cannot support me to day please spread the word on your facebook page.  Hope to see you soon in down town San Rafael