Benefits of Juicing

There are so many great documentaries available from Netflix or the library that talk about the benefits of eating fresh, fruits and vegetables I can’t name them all.  The benefits are endless.  In the documentary “Food Matters”  two guys went on a vegetable juice diet for over a month and lost tons of weight not to mention improved their health.  When I drink a fresh juice I made I feel better.  My brother- in -law had a shot of wheatgrass daily and that helped get rid of his cancer. If you think you can drink a  juice daily but still eat horrible food and expect to get healthier then you are mistaken.  Drinking fresh organic juices and smoothies will help improve your health but you need to also be conscious of what else your putting in your mouth. If your a couch potato and also have lots of stress then that’s not good either.  We all live in the bay area and there is no reason why you can’t get fresh fruits and vegetables to eat daily from either the grocery store or the local farmers market.  Marin County has some kind of farmers market almost daily.  The two biggest ones are Thursday and Sunday out at the Civic Center.  You can also find others throughout the week.


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